Little Free Library

Located near the Historical Marker on the Square, is our City’s first Little Free Library.  Visit this newest addition to our square, books are free, you can bring one and take one or take a book at absolutely no charge.  If you wish to donate books, please deliver to City Hall during business hours Mon-Fri, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

First National Bank after two city blocks burned down. The bank building is now Whiskey Hollow. The vault from the old bank building now serves as the restroom for our local whiskey distillery.

Treasures Around The City...

Vintage Telephone Booth by Nortex Communication

Tara Zielinski and Bob Williams

On October 1, 1977, Nortex Communications (formerly Muenster Telephone Corporation) purchased the Valley View Telephone Company along with the prized possession of a phone booth outside its building. As the use of pay phones has become obsolete with the popularity of cell phones and internet services, many people still stop to appreciate the vintage appeal of this phone booth that years ago was scheduled to be removed. It was the last one in town and the newest switch equipment didn't support coin recognition, neither did the old operator system. Everyone had cell phones so it was really obsolete. Although Nortex blocked the coin slot, they made the phone work free for local calls and still remains standing in Valley View.


Local photographers and our selfie society, utilize this old phone booth to fully epitomize the fun, Clark Kent to hero, Superman. "It's a bird, It's a plane, It's YOU!”  Come out, take photos and enjoy this incredible Iconic photo booth. Pop culture at it’s best.

Wall Mural by Katie Brinkley

Local Artist, Katie Brinkley, volunteered her time to paint this very large tribute to the City of Valley View, Texas.  Painted in the heat of summer, on a metal building siding, day after day, she never gave up and then, a masterpiece.  With the help of the Valley View Chamber members contributions, the paint and supplies were purchased.  Thank you Katie for this impressive piece of work.  Find it on the side of Kit Carson’s Senior Citizen’s building off the square.

The City Square by Keep Valley View Beautiful

In an attempt to clean up and beautify Valley View, Perlene and Norman Newton set out to get Valley View participating in the State of Texas’ Keep Valley View Beautiful program. Securing matching funds through the State of Texas, they and their team began selling personalized bricks as well as plaques for each of the columns of the gazebo on the square to help raise funding for a rebuild.  If you are interested in purchasing a $50 brick for your business or family, please contact the Chamber of Commerce for ordering information.

Valley View Historical Marker on the Square

Known for their love to preserve history, Norman and Perlene Newton took the reigns and secured a Historical Marker for the City of Valley View. Thank you Norman and Perlene, you are such an asset to our city.

Explore this little jewel right off I-35 just 16 miles south of the Red River. Only 60 miles from the Dallas/Ft. Worth Metroplex